"Some play the game, Others Change It”


“Some Play The Game, Others Change It”


Creating value through capital and culture since 2o14

We are an international private investment company and strategic consultancy focused on intensive capital projects for the development of the Creative Economy in Colombia and Latin America.

We’re currently focused on laying the foundations to underpin Colombia’s new creative economy - a priority for central government - with a keen interest in projects related to ‘smart’ creative districts, smart tech, and skill building.




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The Company

Coolture was founded in 2014 and has a proven track record of driving international investment into Colombia’s creative economy and related urban regeneration projects, including the creation of new creative districts and hard/soft infrastructure initiatives.

The company was also a key player in the creation of the ADN model (Areas of ‘Orange’ Development), which is now a flagship initiative for the new government.

The Orange economy

The Orange Economy is a major priority for Colombia’s government, and a cornerstone of the new National Development Plan, which includes a number of incentives for foreign investors in the Orange Economy and related sectors.

At the moment, Coolture is working on a number of exciting opportunities focused on ADNs (designated Areas of ‘Orange’ Development), Smart Districts/Cities and M&A within the creative industries.

ADN: new creative DISTRICTS

ADNs (Areas de Desarrollo Naranja) are new Creative Districts that are being created across Colombia. Creative clusters around the world have been shown to enhance the productivity and prosperity of the creative industries by around 80%.

ADNs are Colombia’s first foray into “clusterization” and are set to be important forums to unite ‘creatives’, ideal for cross-fertilization, knowledge-sharing and as vehicles to improve the quality of life in developing cities.



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