"Some play the game, Others Change It”
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We are an international private investment company and strategic consultancy focused on projects in Colombia and Latin America related to Colombia’s creative Orange Economy, Smart Cities, Smart Tech and wider opportunities within the creative economy.

Funded in 2014 to lead the way for the development of the creative economy under the flag of the “Orange Economy” a macro-economic theory written by two prominent Colombians at the IDB that led into a Latin American creative industries for development frenzy. In 2016, we created the Ola Naranja [], the primary private sector vehicle to champion Orange Economy initiatives. The Ola Naranja was founded by Juan Diego Ortíz and Felipe Buítrago, co-author of The Orange Economy (alongside Colombia’s President, Iván Duque) and currently a senior advisor to the President on strategy and economic affairs.


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We pride ourselves on having pioneered business intelligence focused on the Orange Economy. Our extensive network and unparalleled insight allows us to make informed recommendations that clearly identify and optimize opportunities for international companies operating within this space.



The Coolture Team


Juan Diego Ortiz

Serial entrepreneur, with over12 years’ experience leading the development of the creative industries & investment. Drove private sector initiatives into the creation of public policy for the Orange Economy. Focuses on the development of new financial vehicles (VC, PE) for the Creative Economy in Colombia and wider Latin America.


Laura Maria Franco

Business administrator from CESA with additional qualifications from University of the Andes and Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid, where she studied Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Focused on corporate and public affairs. Work centers on the design and execution of projects with a social impact and strategic communications.


Kristoffer Andersson

Swedish economist & business administrator from Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge (UK) with over 15 years’ extensive global entrepreneurial experience. Work focuses on providing investment overviews for financial institutions and high net worth individuals in Colombia and Latin America.


Gaspard de Laubadere

French lawyer focused on advising entrepreneurs and providing consultancy on VC and PE investments in Colombia and Latin America. Special interest in tech, creative industries, food and agro innovation.